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Terms & Conditions

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are done on a specific date, at one location, do not allow for drastic wardrobe changes, and have various possible themes (predetermined) for a shortened slot of time. The purpose of a mini session is to utilize the “set” or location. Therefore, bringing props not associated with the set theme are not permitted unless pre-approved by a member of the D&S Photo, LLC team.


Time slots are no more than 20-30 minutes. Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your session is very important to remain on schedule for yourself and for those scheduled after you. Each session will start at the time it was scheduled, so checking in early will also allow you to get the full amount of time allotted and your payment confirmed. Arriving late will shorten the length of your session and may impact how many photos are delivered. Payment may be provided in the form of cash or credit card, checks may also be accepted by speaking with a team member.


No outfit changes please as time slots are back-to-back and time is of the essence. All mini sessions are for immediate family unless otherwise noted when filling out the reservation form.


There are no refunds given for mini session fees unless approved by of a member of the D&S Photo team. D&S Photo has final discretion as to whether or not refunds are given to clients on a case-by-case basis. Sessions may be rescheduled for another date, if specified, or cancelled due to weather or other emergency at the discretion of D&S Photo only.


A member of the D&S Photo team may reach out to you by phone or email regarding your session. Your personal information will not be distributed to or utilized by anyone outside of D&S Photo.


*Please read any and all advertisements, communications, and online information provided by D&S Photo for the mini session(s) and note if there are any additional terms and conditions specified that are not included here. These Terms & Conditions are in addition to all other D&S Terms and Conditions. D&S Photo, LLC reserves the right to refuse service at any time.


Photo Rights

All photos are copyright D&S Photo, LLC and clients with approved payments are granted printing rights. Photos taken by D&S Photo, LLC may be used on the company website, various social media platforms, in marketing materials, or other advertisements.